Seaworld Ancol in Pademangan District, Jakarta Special Region

Many options of family vacation spots are available in Jakarta Special Region. One of them is located in Ancol complex, which is called Seaworld. As the name suggests, it is a miniature of marine life, displaying different types of nautical creatures. The place is always crowded, as it is located near to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Not to mention it becomes a favorite place among families. Some people even come there for eradicating stresses in weekends. On top of that, Seaworld offers numerous attractions for visitors.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Seaworld is about 3 hectares in width. The prime building comes with 4.500 m2, offering various rooms like aquariums, a library, a glow theater, Antasena underwater alleyway, a museum, fish therapy site, educative computers, and much more. The other facilities are also available like souvenir stores, eateries, and multipurpose room. With such enormous size and excellent facilities, Seaworld should be everyone’s option when it comes to a vacation in Jakarta. On top of that, the nuance is quite comfortable and spacious. That means the guests can walk around comfortably and witness majestic sea creatures there.

Exploring Seaworld Ancol
Some visitors have problems in exploring Seaworld. It’s common issue, after all.  As for the solution, they can talk to the keeper regarding the rooms and attractions. These include 4 primary rooms! The first one is the main aquarium that stores more than 30,000 saltwater fishes. It is said there are about 35 species of fishes live in such prime aquarium. In terms of size, it is gigantic! No wonder, the world has chosen it as the second biggest aquarium in Southeast Asia. It is definitely a miniature of the sea!

The second room is fresh water area, storing many species of fishes like Piranha and Gigas. This room becomes an important feature of Seaworld due to its themes, as well. These include Aqua Car, Aquarest, Ex-Quarium, Aquarapaima, and much more. No visitors would get bored in that area, for sure. The next popular room is Antasena Alleway. With the length of 80 m, it becomes the best spot for sightseeing. Beautiful underwater views can be seen from that area, after all. Somehow, the nuance is quite romantic, so it is suitable for a date.

Another popular room in Seaworld is Dugong Aquarium. As the name implies, it is the place to witness a rare sea creature called Dugong dugon or mermaids! So, does it mean Seaworld only offers those rooms? Well, many other attractions are available like a corals ecosystem aquarium, and other minor aquariums, storing crabs, giant octopuses, nautilus, etc. Also, the management has a special program called “Belajar Bersama Ikan”. It educates visitors, especially kids, regarding fishes and nautical life.

Nearby Attractions

  • Fatahillah Museum
  • Dufan Theme Park
  • Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

How to Get There
Seaworld is part of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. The location is in Ancol complex, after all. That means travelers need to head to East Lodan Street 7, which is located in Pademangan District. From the airport, it may take 40 minutes by any local transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • D’prima Hotel
  • Neo Mangga Dua Square
  • Holiday Inn Express

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