Travel Agents

Carmeta Ampuh Tour & Travel Service
Outer Ring Road Kamal Raya Street, D8/10 West Jakarta
Phone: (021) 54350533

Mega Wisata Jakarta
Medan Merdeka Timur Street 17
Phone: (021) 3511555

El John Tours & Travel
Wisma Indovision 12th floor
Raya Panjang Street Z/3
Phone: (021) 5824888

Talenta Tour & Travel
Sunter Paradise 2 - K29
Phone: (021) 65831507

Cita Tour
Sunter Hijau Street
Raya Block S4/12 Sunter Hijau, North Jakarta
Phone: (021) 65303354

Sahabat Travel
Maleo Raya Street
Block JC 4-02 Bintaro Jaya
Phone: (021) 7451718

Matahari Tour & Travel
Jend. Sudirman Street Kav. 28
Phone: (021) 5212212

Good Day Tour
Boulevard Artha Gading Street I/27, Kelapa Gading North Jakarta
Phone: (021) 45856763

PT. Dream Tour & Travel
Pejagalan 1 Street 1 BE, West Jakarta
Phone: (021) 6918525

Kurnia Djaja Wisata Tour & Travel
Bintaro Utama I Street E/08-09, Bintaro Jaya, South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 73888183

Air Antariksa Travel
Bintaro Utama IX Street HA1/21, Bintaro Jaya, South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 74864843

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A Majestic Tourist Destination – Thousand Islands National Park Indonesia

  In a nutshell, Indonesia is an archipelago nation. That means it holds tons of islands. The options are limitless for travelers. The local name is “Kepulauan Seribu”. Tourists also call it Thousand Islands Regency. The combination of islands makes … Continue reading

Hotels In Jakarta Application, Only On iPad, iPhone & Android

Hotels In Jakarta is an application that loading information and references to some accommodations in Jakarta. There will be categories that show the location according to Jakarta’s administrative areas and categories for the stars of the hotels that you need … Continue reading

Yapong Dance, One of Betawi Folk Dance

Yapong Dance Yapong dance is typical of traditional happy dance that having delicate and kind of erotic moves. The term of Yapong was taken from the song that follows the dance which sounds ‘ya ya ya’ and the sound of … Continue reading

The Sacred Betawi Mask Dance

Betawi Mask Dance Jakarta native community or better known as Batawi people has a lot of traditional art, one of which is the Betawi mask. Betawi mask has at least three main elements: music, dance, and theater. The dance in … Continue reading

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