Amazing Jakarta Planetarium in Menteng Sub-District, Center Jakarta City

Parents should never overlook the importance of a recreation. Such activity helps them to find fun and build a better relationship with family members, especially with kids. The question is where they should go. In Menteng Sub-district, there is a popular tourist spot called Jakarta Planetarium. The location is near to Ismail Marzuki Park, so it is quite reachable. The construction started in 1964 and it was inaugurated in 1968. At that time, the planetarium wasn’t open for public. A year later, the government decided to introduce it to locals and tourists. It was in 1969, which was chosen as the birthday of the planetarium.

The Nuance
In terms of exterior, the building has the main color of blue. As if, it represents the sky and space. On top of the structure, there is a dome, on which a giant telescope resides. Some plants are also scattered around the planetarium, actually. So, what are inside? Many rooms are available, including a theater and exhibition halls. Those display photos, knowledge, and information, which are related to space and galaxy. Not to mention some interesting items like space suits and space observation tools are kept there.

Exploring Jakarta Planetarium
There are many reasons why Jakarta Planetarium becomes a suitable place for a family vacation. Parents can introduce knowledge regarding space and planets to the kids. Once they enter the building, they can see beautiful ceilings. Those represent the night sky with stars. Not to mention the nuance is quite comforting and entertaining, as there is a cinema in the room. The guests can sit comfortably on a backrest seat, as well. What a great way to get fun!

The planetarium doesn’t only display stunning visual effects, but it also comes with a narration. Thus, the guests can learn knowledge and acquire the information well. Approximately, the show lasts for an hour. There is even a simulation of the sun movement within a day, including both the sunrise and sunset. At the end of the show, there is a galaxy adventure. It displays numerous galaxies as if the guests are flying onto them. All of those attractions are indeed valuable for both parents and kids.

Here is the fact. Only 320 seats are available in each session of the show. That means visitors should wait for the next session if those seats are full. When it comes to the schedule, Jakarta Planetarium opens daily except Monday and holidays. Another important tip is the ticket fee, which fluctuates over time. Thus, tourists should learn about the price first prior to visiting the planetarium. Still, it is worth the money.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ismail Marzuki Park
  • Jakarta Old Town
  • TMII
  • National Monument

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Jakarta Planetarium is located in Menteng Sub-district. To be exact, it resides in Cikini Raya Street 73 and it belongs to Central Jakarta City. From Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, travelers can take Inner Ring Road and head to Menteng. The distance is 32.5 km, so the trip takes about 40-50 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Alia Hotel
  • Ibis Budget Hotel
  • Whiz Hotel
  • Sofyan Hotel

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