The Majestic BI Museum in Jakarta Special Region

Jakarta Old Town becomes a prime tourist attraction for those visiting such special region of Indonesia. Many historical buildings are located in the area, after all. One of them is called BI Museum or Indonesian Bank Museum. The location is in front of Beos Station and it is adjacent to Mandiri Bank Museum. In the past, the building was used as a hospital. The name was Binnen Hospitaal back then. In 1953, it turned into a bank. However, the management moved into a new building and neglected the previous one. Today, the government makes it as a public space or a museum, so tourists can visit it wholeheartedly.

The Nuance
It is undoubtful that BI Museum has a majestic aura. From the outside, the structure appears big and beautiful. Even visitors can park their vehicles in the available parking lot nearby. The color of the building is white and it applies an elegant design with numerous plants outside. What about the interior? Once tourists get in to the building, they may not feel vintage atmosphere anymore. Thanks to the automatic glass doors that welcome visitors. Not to mention there is a detecting machine and a keeper that perform a regular checking to tourists prior to exploring the building.

Exploring BI Museum
Visitors would feel comfortable when exploring the museum inside. Thanks to the clean and neat nuance. Moreover, the building is equipped with air conditioners. The next lure is the mosaic glasses! It was made by a Dutch artist named Ian Sihouten. To be exact, there are about 1,509 panels of mosaics carved there. With such stunning charm, the building appears more beautiful and mesmerizing. Many people even consider it the best museum, beating Bandung’s Geology Museum. Not only tourists can get around the museum, but they are able to enjoy photography there.

The fact is that tourists can enter the museum freely, as they only need to ask for a ticket from the keeper. Combining vintage architecture and high technologies, BI Museum is a recommended tourist spot to explore. Plus, the museum consists of several rooms, including transitional and theater room. In the transitional room, a special projector shows the history of Indonesia coins, which is quite interesting. When it comes to the theater room, visitors can learn how Indonesia money is printed and distributed. The thing is the theater is only active when there is a big group of visitors coming to the museum.

Overall, BI Museum becomes a compulsory option of tourist spots when visiting Jakarta. It is part of the Old Town, after all. The location is in North Pintu Besar Street 3, West Jakarta. The museum opens from Tuesday – Sunday. It starts from 9 am to 16 pm, actually. That means people shouldn’t come either in Monday or holidays, as the museum is closed. No ticket fee is included, so tourists won’t spend any money there.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The museum situated in North Pintu Besar Street 3, West Jakarta .As mentioned before, the museum is located near to Mandiri Museum. For outsiders, the best transportation option is an airplane and the prime destination is Soekarno-Hatta Airport. From there, they can take a minibus or taxi to West Jakarta, where the museum resides.

Where to Stay

  • Millenium Hotel
  • De Rivier Hotel
  • Cordex Hotel
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